Mediation Services

Is it really a choice to get a divorce? Its been my experience that when you come to this point in your life its no longer a choice.

A divorce can easily be one of the most emotional and overwhelming times in a person’s life. A divorce affects more than just the husband and wife- divorces can create a negative ripple effect on every member of the family. Have you ever noticed when you are angry/hurt/not happy/distrustful with someone whatever comes out of their mouth is irritating or wrong? That is where a mediator comes in.

I believe the goal of mediation is to work together to discuss and figure out a way to resolve whatever is going on so both sides are okay with the outcome. I wont say happy, ecstatic or delighted but acceptable and fair.

My role as the mediator is to work as a fair and unbiased sounding board. I am NOT an attorney. I am one of two therapists in this area that is credentialed to do mediation services. As a therapist I utilize very different skills than an attorney would to mediate each point or problem. The mediation process saves everyone time and money compared to hiring attorneys and handing it off the court where you hope your argument is heard and understood but you have zero control over the outcome.